Responsible tanning!

Ultimate tanning promotes responsible, smart tanning by offering each tanner a skin type analysis. Our highly trained staff will develop a specialized tanning plan tailored to your specific skin type. All indoor tanning beds are regulated by the FDA and each bed has a suggested tanning regiment posted on it. Indoor tanning helps reduce the risk of over exposure or sunburn. Our salons offer only the highest levels of equipment with the least UVB exposure.

Did you know that indoor tanners who build a base first are less likely to burn outside, reducing the risk for skin damage?

Always build a base indoors first! Avoiding the sun altogether will increase your chance of sunburn when you do eventually go outside in the sun.

Spring-build your base tan now before summer comes. Gradually building a base tan indoors reduces your risk for over exposure and sunburn.

Summer-many night life workers and those who work Monday through Friday do not have the opportunity to build a healthy base tan, so when they do go out to enjoy the sun they burn! Why wait until the weekend only to burn or have cloudy weather!

Fall-don’t let your summer tan fade when we offer inexpensive maintenance programs!

Winter-don’t fall victim to the winter blues! Enjoy our warm beds to boost vitamin D “the happy vitamin” in the cold months. A moderate tanning regimen in the winter can increase the happy hormones in your body.

Wear sunscreen! We agree with doctors. Wearing sunscreen outdoors is imperative. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays vary greatly depending on altitude, cloud coverage, pollution, reflective surfaces, time of year. This variable can create dangerous conditions for your skin. Always wear protection in an UN-controlled environment.
I need to burn first, then I develop a tan. –this was once the way of thinking, but we know better now. A sunburn increases the likelihood of skin damage, so we want to avoid burning at all costs. Gradually build your base tan indoors to get the maximum benefits and vitamin D when you do go outside, while at the same time reducing your risk for skin damage.
Feel free to utilize both of our locations! A membership at one salon gives you access to both locations.


Memberships start as low as $24.99 per month!

All VIP members receive

  • priority upgrades
  • discounts on products and skin care
  • 1 free upgrade to any level uv bed per month
Never! Your first month will be prorated so that you can start on your tan immediately without paying for an entire month that you did not use.
If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our services we ask that you give us a chance to make it right. Please speak to a member of our tanning staff or management. We appreciate and value any feedback you give us and are always looking for areas of improvement.

Canceling is an easy process. Email us at contactus @ All Cancellations must be done in writing and 30 days prior to your final draft month. In order to cancel, you must have completed the terms of your membership. All cancellation forms will be reviewed and a confirmation of your cancellation will be emailed to you.

To freeze your VIP membership, simply email us at contactus @ Remember, you must have completed the terms of your membership and a 30 day advanced notice is required in order for us to stop your recurring payments.
For your protection, we cannot make any changes to your account by phone. All cancellations, freezes and upgrades must be done in person at our salon or by email. Remember, any changes made to your account require a 30 day advanced notice.
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